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Symphony of Frank

A Film by Tracy Dahlby and Eli Reed

Meet Frank Owens, barber, raconteur, philosopher with clippers in hand. This documentary film, now in production, tells the story of a man's genius for orchestrating a running conversation in which Americans from different walks of life tell their stories, debate the issues of the day, and reveal our common humanity. It's a symphony--and a genial act of resistance against today's digital distractions. 

The Fifties

Based on a book by author David Halberstam, this eight-part TV event looked below the nostalgic surface of America's signature decade to key political, economic and cultural developments that shaped post-World War II life. It tells the story of such "influencers" as Betty Friedan, Joe McCarthy, Martine Luther King, Jack Kerouac, Elvis Presley, Hugh Hefner and Grace Metallious. I served as a series director and co-creator with Alex Gibney. The show debuted on The History Channel in 1997. Click here for a sample.


50 Greatest Athletes

Debuting in 1999, this ESPN series told the stories behind the glittering facades and hero worship of some the top athletes of the 20th century. I had primary responsibility for episodes on football phenom Jim Brown, boxers Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis, and basketball's inimitable "Dr. J," Julius Erving. For my producer's role, I was the lucky recipient of a Sports Emmy Award. The series also won a George Foster Peabody Award. Episodes available on YouTube. Click here for a sample.

This10-part PBS series explored the evolution of America's relationship with Asia at a point when American politicians, policymakers and ordinary citizens were puzzling over how to size up the promise and challenges of potent new geopolitical forces. Debuting in 1992, it was produced by Alex Gibney and his team at Jigsaw Productions. I served in the role of Special Correspondent. Episodes available on YouTube. Click here for a sample.

The Fifties : illustration courtesy of Commons;

SportsCentury:  photo courtesy of Steve Lipofsky/Creative Commons; The Pacific Century: Pacific Basin Institute.

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