"Tracy Dahlby has produced a gem of a memoir that honors the craft of 'long-distance journalism' and entertains us with his prodigious gifts as a storyteller."-- John Burnett, award-winning NPR correspondent

"Into the Field is a wonderfully eloquent introduction to the craft and challenges of reporting from around the world ... a powerful example of the enduring role of storytelling ..."

-- James Fallows, The Atlantic

"Tracy Dahlby's book is a delight. It's a witty, probing, and insightful look at Asia through the eyes of a skilled veteran journalist ... a funny and profound primer on what journalists should be at their very best: curious insightful, and expressive ..."

-- Alex Gibney, Academy Award-winning filmmaker

Photo by Norman Wibowo.

“Dahlby, one of our most experienced foreign correspondents, has given us nothing less than a battlefield report of a growing confrontation between two very different forces in a world at war."

--David Halberstam


"Dahlby combines the sharp sensitivities of a political observer with an old-fashioned flair for storytelling. Imagine Ted Koppel's sharp questions in the affable style of Mark Twain ..."

---Newsweek International

Photo by Norman Wibowo.

From Publishers Weekly

"Writing with freelancer Dahlby, Kean offers a warm, humorous, often profoundly moving memoir ... [His] stories inform and entertain, but none so dramatically as his accounts of researching AIDS or treating a doomed Shah of Iran."


From Library Journal

"This thoroughly entertaining biographical account follows Kean from his medical christening ... in Panama in the 1930s, through his professional development as a pathologist and parasitologist, to his private practice on New York's Park Avenue ... Kean's trials, triumphs, misadventures, detective work, and sometimes downright shenanigans are sure to engross the general reader."