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Photo by Rebecca Davis.

Tracy Dahlby is a career journalist and nonfiction storyteller. He has served as Northeast Asia bureau chief for The Washington Post, Tokyo bureau chief for Newsweek and managing editor of Newsweek International in New York. He has reported on Asia for National Geographic magazine and, at the start of his career, covered Japan for the Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review. Dahlby now teaches journalism at the University of Texas at Austin where he holds the Frank A. Bennack, Jr. Chair in Journalism and is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers. He is the author of Into the Field: A Foreign Correspondent's Notebook (University of Texas Press, 2014) and Allah’s Torch: A Report from Behind the Scenes in Asia’s War on Terror (William Morrow, 2005). Dahlby has also produced and directed historical documentaries for television. This site is dedicated to sharing the stories and ideas that make us who we are.  


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